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Our Company Working in all agricultural products and aromatic herbs and seeds and spices, fruits and vegetables employer best and latest machinery and equipment to provide high-quality products through a strong work team of professionals to meet the market needs of the agricultural and organic crops.

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Saad International Trading Company is characterized by dealing with all the different markets such as the Arab markets, "Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Sudan, Jordan and other" markets Aruban including "Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, Portugal, France, Serbia, Ukraine ".

Why Al-Saad

We have long experience in this trade because of our presence in some countries in the region , which means the number and diversity Products, and we invite you to discover our experience .

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Welcome To AL-Saad International Trading Company

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Egypt is characterized by farm their land fertile and productive has gained much attention

to it it is one of the biggest exporters of agricultural products and organic fruits and

vegetables, the most famous "mint, basil, wormwood, worshipers of the moon, sunflower,

marble, bananas, grapes, oranges, strawberries, potatoes, zucchini, beans , Bean " The

farms are working with the latest local and international standards to ensure the best

product the highest possible quality.

Vegetables & Fruits

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Organic Seeds

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Vegetables term given to any type of herbal plants that are partially or fully used in cooking to prepare foods for humans and can be used from vegetables separate parts of plants such as leaves, "lettuce, cabbage and grape leaves" and characterized vegetables that they contain fewer calories for this are food which should be eaten daily they provide the body with vitamins and minerals essential carbohydrates.

Fruits are borne fruit vegetable plants as a cover for its seeds. Usually characterized as sweet or sour taste and chunky water. Try eating fruit on an empty stomach because they contain simple sugars, which slows digestion and absorption when taken immediately after food as fruits contain vitamins and important elements such as calcium, which helps to strengthen bones and the lack of osteoporosis and many benefits ... etc where not anyone can dispense with plant and fruit, either directly or indirectly.