The mint herb herbs that are called perennial herbs due to the strong acrid smell and can be used paper with a cup of tea he adds a nice nutty flavor

Health benefits of mint : Menthol helps found in the cooling mint and cut face flushes and helps skin clarity and give them a healthy glow
Peppermint oil treats acne because it prevents clogging of the pores of the skin and Anashha and thus is a catalyst for the treatment of acne

The benefits of peppermint oil for hair : Scalp massage oil, peppermint helps to accelerate new hair growth Peppermint oil helps to reduce oils produced by the scalp and is therefore very useful for hair Fatty

The benefits of mint treat diarrhea : The benefits of mint treatment of diarrhea, especially among children, as well as Krones disease that results from inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, causing diarrhea, abdominal cramps Peppermint is used to rinse for gingivitis gargle for sore throat has been used in ancient times And still used to this day in toothpaste and sterilizers It is useful in alleviating migraine headaches associated with poor digestion, asthma, colds and bronchitis, cough, or Pertussis (Hiccups) and vomiting nervous The smell of the mouth resulting from poor digestion

Relieves headaches : Peppermint oil is the best natural treatment of headaches sprinkle a few drops of oil on a handkerchief or on your wrist and inhale to get rid of a headache spam as it is used to treat sister as

Contents 12 filter bag has a bag over each 2 grams of the finest types of mint industrial Alolon or preservatives or Mcassap Aellatam to maintain your health

How to use New Green mint bag is placed in a cup of boiling water is poured and leaves of 4: 5 minutes and then sweetens customized and drink hot or warm for the best concentration of the active materials