{Ginger Lemon}

Ginger great benefits to protect the body from many diseases and fight and strengthen the immune system, and is used in many kitchens as one of the most important spice, and has a distinctive flavor in the food. And it can be eaten in many times as a drink warm allay the severity of coughing during the acute colds Lemon also not unaware of its benefits to the human body and strengthen the immune system, so what happens if ginger and lemon met together in one cup drink ...? The result will be impressive. FOB is one of the hot ginger and lemon drink has many benefits for your body and your health.

The benefits of ginger drink hot lemon:
It protects against sore throat
Works to expel phlegm from the body is the treatment of the forces of the respiratory system
In opening the appetite in order to contain vitamin B-2 and B 3 riboflavin and calcium and potassium to the eating this for breakfast unappetizing throughout the day
The ginger and lemon juice who organize heartbeat as it contains lemon potassium
It is very useful in cases of indigestion
Useful in cases of kidney disease
The treatment of the forces to the wall of blood vessels
It helps in irregular blood circulation and prevents the discomfiture

therapeutic program for weight loss and fat burning using ginger and lemon and water: Can be used as drinking hot water and lemon and ginger once in the morning, to reduce appetite and cleaning the liver, and can eat this mixture the largest possible number of times during the day. It must focus on drinking eight glasses a day of water to keep the body hydrated, this way we can increase the speed of fat burning in the body and clean it of toxins, losing weight if they are to follow a healthy diet based on fruits and vegetables free products from fat and fat

Contents 12 filter bag has a bag over each 2 grams of the finest ginger lemon-free industrial Alolon or preservatives or Mcassap Aellatam to maintain your health

How to use Ginger Lemon bag placed New Green poured in a cup of boiling water and leaves of 4: 5 minutes and then sweetens customized and drink hot or warm for the best concentration of the active materials