{Green tea}

Green tea is the beverage of the best and most useful at all, it contains antioxidants and various materials that are beneficial to health, many studies have shown that green tea can increase the burning of fat and help you lose weight. To find out how green tea can help you lose weight continued reading with us

You have to learn that green tea is more than just hot water and flavor, when dealing with a cup of green tea you do not get the wonderful taste but also take advantage of the benefits of a great Balogih, it contains the same wonderful effect components and best known is caffeine, a cup of green tea contains (24-40 mg) of caffeine, despite the fact this is not much compared to coffee but gives a moderate effect, caffeine is a stimulant known studies have shown help him burn fat and improve the performance of the exercises

Green tea can help move fat from fat cells and dissolved: In order to burn fat, you must first broken in the fatty cell in order to move into the bloodstream, active in green tea compounds help in this process by increasing the influence of certain hormones scorching fat caffeine also enhances melt the fat in the fat cells when green tea works to liberate the fat from the fat cells, the fat melting process is very easy

Green tea reduces the desire to food : Ways of green tea in weight reduction is to control the appetite thereby reducing your desire in food, this would make us take up fewer calories automatically without any effort.

There are also animal studies suggest that green tea can reduce the amount of fat absorbed by the body, but this has not been confirmed in humans.

Contents 12 filter bag has a bag over each 2 grams of the finest green tea free of industrial Alolon or preservatives or Mcassap Aellatam to maintain your health

How to use Green tea bag is placed in the New Green poured a cup of boiling water and leaves of 4: 5 minutes and then sweetens customized and drink hot or warm for the best concentration of the active materials