Is a caraway of aromatic plants, which are characterized by features rewarding Example: cumin and anise and fennel, and taken advantage of sowing in eating and in medical treatment, and sweets and alcoholic beverages

Date: caraway mixed with milk, is added to bread, and manuscripts are talking about the use of the emperor Julius Caesar of caraway. Also remember the emperor soldiers for food, it is rich in Balcrawah

Medicinal properties : Helps relaxation of the stomach and intestinal muscles and is successfully used in the treatment of disease, flatulence, this disease has close to heart disease relationship, soothing and calming the stomach and repelling gas, is used as an adjunct in the treatment of stomach and duodenum and treatment of colon inflammation ulcer, it helps nursing mother to milk production if mixing Circuit and cumin, coriander and is used with the trait in the treatment of kidney infections, caraway oil has a significant influence in bronchitis also has a strong influence in relieving asthma, frequent use of boiled caraway prevents transformation of normal cells into cancer cells


Properties: expels wind and dry and not in the kindness of latency.

Food members: If you drink cut vomiting which displays buoyancy of food and heats the stomach and digest food.

Members of the eye: Located in the eye and Alakthal drugs that limit sight and drink more if weaker eyesight.

Sadr members: benefit from hiccups and palpitations.

Alinvd members: cooking of this plant and its seeds if I drank diuresis and housing colic and definitely semen and if women sat in Tbejh Antfn its aches and uterus if burned and bandaged seed germinating uprooted by hemorrhoids and kills the worms love if you drink or seed

Contents 12 filter bag has a bag over each 2 grams of the finest types of caraway-free industrial Alolon or preservatives or Mcassap Aellatam to maintain your health

How to use Caraway New Green bag is placed in a cup of boiling water is poured and leaves of 4: 5 minutes and then sweetens customized and drink hot or warm for the best concentration of the active materials